Why choose IVF at Sir Gangaram Hospital in COVID times?

Negligible chance of cross infection.

  • Complete segregation of Covid positive areas from Covid negative areas.
  • Upgraded ventilation systems
  • Spaced out appointments. Allows maintenance of physical distancing.
  • Strict screening of patients at entry and prior to all operative procedures.
  • Trained staff that abides by strict infection control practises.

Best IVF centre

  • All services pertaining to infertility treatments available under one roof.
  • Advanced techniques like Preimplantation genetic screening, oocyte freezing available.
  • Team of best doctors that take care of you through IVF, pregnancy, delivery and beyond.
  • Team of skilled and experienced embryologists available round the clock
  • Ethical practise for the last 30 years.
  • Complete transparency at all levels.
  • Oldest and the most trusted hospital of North India

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