Our Expertise  

Elective Single Embryo Transfer (eSET) Program

IVF SGRH boasts of a highly successful Single Embryo Transfer program that helps in optimising cumulative success rates of an IVF cycle and reducing complications associated with twins and triplets

Repeated IVF failures – RIF

IVF SGRH is a referral centre for couples with repeated IVF failures from all over the country with over 50% of our patients having failed IVF cycles elsewhere.

DuoStim IVF for Poor Responders

DuoStim IVF is a novel protocol for increasing the number of available eggs for women with low reserves of eggs undergoing IVF.

Preimplantation Genetic Testing Program

The largest and the most experienced PGS program in India, improving success rates for couples with multiple IVF failures, repeated miscarriages and women above the age of 35.

Our outstanding Success Rates  

IVF-ICSI cycles with Self Eggs

0 %
2019 Positive BhCG Rate (per OR) in < 35 years
0 %
2019 Live Birth Rates (per OR) in < 35 years

IVF-ICSI cycles with Donor Eggs

0 %
2019 Positive BhCG Rates (per donor cycle
0 %
2019 Live Birth Rates (per donor cycle
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Our Vision

Welcome to the Centre of IVF and Human Reproduction, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Our vision is to assist every couple in becoming happy parents with a commitment to take on the most complicated cases that other fertility centers can’t or won’t consider. We believe in individualized patient care – a specialized approach to evaluating and enhancing each patient’s chance of becoming pregnant. We aspire to help you achieve your goal of having a child in an empathetic and friendly environment that will help you to leave us with joy and satisfaction.


IVF Head

About IVF Sir Ganga Ram hospital

Center of IVF, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is at the zenith of advanced reproductive health care in India. Since its establishment in 1991, our mission has been to help, guide and cater to the needs of infertile couples.

This world-class tertiary level infertility centre is committed to providing comprehensive and state-of-the-art, reproductive health services in a friendly environment that offers personalized care for both infertile men and women. We provide all infertility related services, from simple medical management to endoscopic surgery, in order to promote fertility with the help of all advanced ART procedures.

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