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How to make things easier for women undergoing infertility treatment, IVF and pregnancy in COVID 19 pandemic

Many on-going IVF pregnancies, infertile women, and patients wanting IVF/ IUI have been struggling because of the disruption caused due to the COVID-19 pandemic How will my treatment be different now from ...

Why choose IVF at Sir Gangaram Hospital in COVID times?

Negligible chance of cross infection. Complete segregation of Covid positive areas from Covid negative areas. Upgraded ventilation systems Spaced out appointments. Allows maintenance of physical distancing. Strict screening of patients at entry and prior to all...

How Can One Reduce Time to Pregnancy by PGS

It Is A Reality to Reduce Time to Pregnancy by PGS! Ever since its inception, the primary aim for IVF has been to, perhaps, reduce time to pregnancy for infertile couples. As clinicians, referring doctors and infertility specialists, one expects a pregnancy to be achieved as soon as possible after starting …

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