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Dr. Abha Majumdar

Dr Abha Majumdar is the best physician you can get in India. Now in hindsight when i compare other physicians who are doing their private practice and doing IVF, most of them are inexperienced and doing it for money. Dr Abha puts enormous amount of effort and her insights are invaluable in complex case such as ours. Her team is unmatched and 2nd to none in the competition. She is Messenger of God on the planet called earth. We met atleast 4-5 IVF consultant no one can even come closer to Dr Abha. She is genuine, compassionate, professional and thoroghly competent.We should have gone to her much earlier. Excellent work Dr Abha, Thanks for giving us and countless other couples precious gift of parenthood..

Vaibhav Saxena

Dr. Abha has been the ‘Light of Hope’ for Women and helped many of them to get Blessed with a child who calls them ‘Mom’–which is the biggest Blessing of God to any woman…She is indeed a ‘Living Legend’… Regards and Lots of Love…

Vinita Manchanda

No words can do justice to the angel named Dr Abha. She is a blessing worth being treasured.

Seema Narula

She is not merely a brilliant doctor but she is also a genuine, honest and compassionate human being which is the differentiator between a good doctor and a great one. Strongly recommended.

Purabi Misra

Very good mam this a great for women’s I will say your name anyone need Ivf in indore to all Indian

Ajit Prajapat

Nine months of my pregnancy could have been a nightmare without your medical supervision. Thanks for making my journey to become a mommy nothing less than a dream come true…. U r not just a doctor u r the best human being… U r so kind…. Thank you for everything for completing my family by giving me such a cute lil master who turned 1 yesterday…. Thanks a ton.

Shreya Chopra

Dr Abha, a doctor par excellence, a great orator, a wonderful human being and above all my inspiration, my mentor. May God bless her in all her endeavors.

Alka Saraswat

She’s the no 1 IVF specialist in the country. She is the best most soft spoken out of this world amazing doctor. I will recommend her to everybody.

Radhika Krishna

Dr. Kochhar

I am very thankful to Dr. Kochhar for giving me happiness in my life. She is a very good doctor with a lot of experience in IVF. She was always very helpful whenever I needed her consultation. Thank u once again


I am very grateful to Dr. Kochhar that due to her treatment and guidance, I am now a mother of a baby girl. Earlier I was very disappointed but with the type of guidance and treatment given to me by Dr. Kochhar was very good. Thank you very much.


We were really lucky that we got treatment from Dr. M Kochhar mam. The kind of services, expertise, and treatment we got from here is really remarkable. The team is very helpful. we are blessed with a baby boy


Dr. Kochhar was very helpful as during my pregnancy I was facing some internal problems during the last stage of my pregnancy and I was very tense. She provided me with some medicines along with a lot of motivational words which really worked as the problems were solved and I m very happy to have my baby boy on the 5th of March 2020 without any complications. I want to thank her.


Dr. Kochhar is not merely a brilliant doctor but she is also a genuine, honest and compassionate human being which is the differentiator between a good doctor and a great one. Strongly recommended.


Dr. Shwetha Mittal

We are blessed with twin baby girls. We are fortunate to be one of Dr. Shweta’s patients. She is calm and dedicated. She looks after her all the patients and give them personal care. She guided and supported us throughout. We are thankful to her.


We are thankful to the Almighty, Dr.Shweta Mittal Madam, and her dedicated team, which have helped us to begin our parenthood journey in the month of October 2020. We met Dr.Shweta.Mittal in the month of August 2019 and got a satisfactory response in the first meeting itself. With the passage of time, she assisted us at every step with care and dedication.


She is a very humble, sweet, and encouraging Dr.Shweta Mittal who makes you believe that your dreams can come true and will go step by step ensuring no stone is unturned in your journey. It is her guidance that made us complete our family and be blessed with twins.


We met Dr. Shweta in 2019 after two abortions, both due to different reasons. She understood our case and start giving us treatment after explaining the pros and cons at each stage. Every time she gives professional and practical advice. She is always approachable and available on mobile also for emergencies.


Dr. Shweta is one of the best gynecologists in Ganga Ram as she has always gone a step ahead to assist me. I really thank her from the bottom of my heart as because of her hard work I am blessed with a baby boy.
The entire team is very helpful as I really feel pampered here.


In 2020 me n my husband were connected with Dr. Shweta Mittal ma’am.

She always gives us time to listen to our problems. She is a good listener, a humble, kind Doctor, and a nice human being. I always trust her with whatever she told us & Finally today we will become parents because of her guidance


Dr. Shweta Mittal has been really helpful throughout my pregnancy and is always there a call away. My sister-in-law referred me here and I am really satisfied with the care and help she offers. She is really supportive and explains everything nicely whatever we asked her.


Dr. Neeti Tiwari

I M VERY HAPPY TODAY. Bez of my family is complete Now. My all family members are very happy. Just because of Dr. Neeti Tiwari. In, 2021 I visit Dr. Neeti and got a baby boy Now, in 2022 I was blessed with a baby girl I m so happy. She always guides us n helps us.


Dr. Neeti Tiwari mam is very kind and polite. We started taking treatment in September last year from mam, and last month we were blessed with a baby angel I would like to thank Neeti mam from the bottom of my heart.


Prayers and miracles can never be failed. After 6 years of the journey of marriage, we are blessed with a baby girl under the treatment of Dr. Neeti Tiwari. We had gone through so many Doctors but failed and she came into our lives like sunshine. We are very much satisfied with her treatment and personal nature. May God bless her.


We are highly thankful to Doctor Neeti. She is very nice, supportive, and most importantly very caring. We will recommend all the couples to come here and get the good results. IVF lab staff is also very cooperative and supportive.


We were fortunate to have Dr. Neeti Tiwari as our doctor who made the whole procedure as painless as possible. The first cycle itself was a success. She was always available whenever I felt the need to talk to her. Apart from being a gifted doctor, she is an exceptional human being who understands both the problem and the patient very well.
I would recommend this center to any couple planning to undergo IVF, for a seamless procedure.
A big thank you to Dr. Neeti Tiwari and the entire staff!


Doctor Neeti Tiwari explained everything clearly from the beginning and we are highly satisfied throughout my pregnancy.
Thank you so much Dr.Neeti Ma’am


Dr. Ruma Satvik

Namaste Dr. Ruma ma’am. I’m happy today and blessed with a Baby.

This happiness came to me because of you. Once again Thank you so much.


Dr. Ruma gave us a lot of confidence and the kind and encouraging words instilled hope in us. By the grace of God, our first IVF was successful and almost 9 months later we were delivered a baby  that too by natural delivery by Dr. Ruma who insisted on natural delivery when a current lot of doctors insist on cesarean to make money and also because it takes a lot of less time. My baby was delivered late at night and Dr. Ruma stayed all night in the hospital up to early morning in order to ensure the successful delivery of the child. I am really thankful to her, and the entire team.


I am very thankful to Dr. Ruma Satwik. My wife met her in February 2021 for consultation in regard to IVF. My wife delivered a cute baby  at Sir Gangaram hospital. During this journey, Dr. Ruma Satwik has guided us step-wise during the whole pregnancy period.


Special thanks to Dr. Ruma Satvik who we found one of the most polite, patient, and approachable doctors so far. Our case was one of the most complex ones, at least in our view. My wife has had 2 laparoscopic surgeries over 2-3 years course of time and unfortunately, Doctor had to remove both the tubes and ovaries as they had been rendered useless by Endometriosis. Finally, we have a baby boy this month and he is as healthy and fit as any other child who is born as per natural conception.


Dr. Ruma is very knowledgeable and practical and does not gives unnecessary tests and medications. Her methodical approach to nailing the problems is extremely important. The miracle happens when you are under Dr Ruma Satvik and we are the live example of the same.


My self Subhash Yadav would like to use this platform to convey our gratitude and heartfelt thanks to *Dr. Ruma Satwik* for her loving care and wonderful treatment. Because of her years of unparalleled experience, despite having PCOD, my wife was able to conceive normally. We had a very good experience during the entire period from our first visit till the birth of our child. She had been very nice and polite and kept a close observation from the moment my wife was admitted to the hospital till the final discharge.

Subhash Yadav

Dr. Gaurav Majumdar

A big big thanks to Dr Abha Majumdar for doing her work with great devotion and passion in our case. She treated in such a methodical, systematic and transparent way that my treatment completed in a step by step manner. May almighty god bless Dr Abha and Dr Gaurav Majumdar.

We are blessed with a little angel for which we are really thankful to Dr Abha Majumdar, Dr Gaurav Majumdar and the entire IVF SGRH team. Our dreams came true because of them and we shall always be grateful.

I would like to thanks Dr Abha Majumdar mam for giving me such a great gift to feel my motherhood after a long time. I will boldly refer to others who are in need. A special thanks to Dr Gaurav Majumdar. Lastly I would like to thank the full IVF team for their support.

We have been provided the best treatment by Dr Abha and team. We are blessed with a baby girl. This is my first baby. Can’t explain my feelings in words. Many thanks to Dr Abha and Dr Gaurav Majumdar. 

Dr Abha is the one who keeps ethical values at first is not concerned with money being a doctor. Special thanks to Dr Gaurav Majumdar who is honest and gives candid advise. He does not speak vague language and always stick to his words. We thank the whole team of Dr Abha from bottom of our heart.

We can only say that Dr Abha Majumdar’s experience and the way she handles the patients with so much care and personal touch, which does all the difference. Today we are blessed with a baby boy and we really want to thanks Dr Abha Majumdar and Dr Gaurav Majumdar for such great guidance to enable us to have this blessing to our life. Thanks again to the entire IVF team.

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