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In vitro fertilization (IVF)

Whether it be a cause within the male or the female partner or an unknown cause, you would find solutions to any infertility related problem here because we are the Best Fertility Clinic in Delhi. IVF or In vitro fertilization is the formation of an embryo in a lab under artificial conditions by the union of an egg and sperm. After this, the embryo will be transferred into the uterus that will lead to pregnancy. This procedure for IVF is done together with Best fertility Clinic in Delhi medications together with the observation of hormone levels through blood tests and follicle scans using ultrasound.

Who is Suited for IVF?

Initial Assessment and Investigations for In-vitro fertilization (IVF)

Our team of Best fertility Doctor in Delhi at IVF Gangaram Hospital is devoted to helping you accomplish your objective of taking a baby home. In your first appointment, we assess you entirely to choose which style of treatment would be best suited for you. A detailed medical and surgical (past and present) history of the couple is taken. This is followed by medical examination and best infertility unit evaluation.
We request a semen analysis as part of baseline investigation and evaluate the tubes if necessary in the female partner as part of our preliminary investigation. Baseline hormonal profile (FSH, LH, Thyroid profile, Prolactin, etc.) is also evaluated if required.
The results of the evaluation and analysis decide the most appropriate strategy and nature of the treatment to be undertaken. There are many fertility-enhancing procedures that might enable you to achieve a pregnancy and a decision is taken following the first assessment.

In-vitro fertilization (IVF) Process at Best Fertility Clinic in Delhi

Before starting with IVF process, let us first see how natural fertilization and pregnancy takes place
Now Fertility is a simulation of natural fertilization and pregnancy. In Vitro actually means outside the body, precisely in the laboratory.
The fertilization of the egg (female cell) and sperm (male cell) takes place in a laboratory dish. Once the fertilization is completed successfully, normal embryo growth begins. Then it’s transferred to the female body in the uterus where implantation takes place. After implantation, embryos normal nourishment is done as of natural way.
Unlike natural cycle in IVF conventionally ovaries are stimulated to form 10-15 follicles to produce a number of mature eggs as there is a fall out at every stage in IVF.

What is the procedure of IVF?

IVF cycle begins at the time of women’s menstrual period. It is basically grouped in three steps. Alterations and adjustments can be made depending upon individual needs.
Either Oral contraceptives, an injection of GnRH is used to achieve pre -simulation ovarian suppression. Since it takes the time to prepare follicles to release mature eggs, it has to start 15-20 days prior to the start of stimulation. Ultrasound and blood tests are performed at the end to keep a check. This ovarian suppression is not mandatory for all the patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Over millions of babies are born after IVF. These healthy babies reveal there’s no increased risk of abnormality in IVF-conceived infants compared to people conceived naturally
With vaginal ultrasonic egg collection, you may rest assured that this is certainly no riskier than a correctly performed laparoscopy. We are proud that at IVF Gangaram Hospital which is considered as the Best Fertility Clinic in Delhi have done the collection of more than 5000 ultrasonic egg and there is no problem we faced. Thus it is clear that IVF procedure or treatment is a safe procedure.
No known long-standing effects happen following the treatment cycle. But during the treatment, an individual may have symptoms linked to ovarian hyperstimulation.
Yes, but exhaustive workouts are prohibited.
Accordion ContentYou can go through IVF as many times as you wish, but we as the Best Fertility Clinic in Delhi advise up to four cycles at the most. After this, it is best to consider other options such as oocyte, sperm, embryo donation as it may appear to be the most feasible procedure for a successful pregnancy to occur.
Active treatment for IVF begins on day two of the menstrual cycle. At the moment, the injections of down-regulation of hormones have been started on day 21 of the previous menstrual cycle. We at the Best Fertility Clinic in Delhi then begin stimulation of the uterus with gonadotropins, which may take around 14 days and egg selection, fertilization, and embryo transport is performed. After another 2 weeks, a pregnancy test is done in order to validate the incidence of pregnancy. In all, it requires approximately 40 days from the beginning of treatment to understand whether it has been effective. Currently, with GnRH antagonists, down-regulation in the prior cycle isn’t necessary as with agonists and may be initiated from day 6 of stimulation cycle.
No, you are able to resume your usual daily routine.
At the Best Fertility Clinic in Delhi, we’re performing PGS and PGD to discover hereditary diseases before implantation but gender selection isn’t done under any situation since it’s prohibited in India.

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