How to help your friend who is going through IVF and infertility problems

Few years ago, infertility was a serious problem for a family, which rarely had few solutions. With time, enhancement of science and technology developed some artificial fertility medical procedure that helps a woman grow a healthy baby.

”In Vitro Fertilization” (IVF) or test tube baby is a household word now. However, many people still do not understand the term IVF and its procedure.

If your friend is going to start Best Fertility Clinic in Delhi and she is worried about what she has to go through to have a child following IVF procedure, it is your time to be supportive. If you had a child from IVF it’s time to help your friend to build a healthy family. To be there with your friend during this time, it is very important to gain proper knowledge about IVF and its procedure.

IVF is different from artificial insemination is an expensive procedure than artificial insemination because you have to take injections and the process of taking out the eggs is also costly. However, because of high success rate, people go at Best IVF Centre in Delhi . IVF complicated procedure involves matting of sperm and egg outside the body and after 3-5 days of incubation; it is inserted in mother’s womb. The process of embryo transfer to the uterus is a very simple thing just like IUI. During this period of your friend, make sure you will cheer her up all the time.

Before starting your IVF, your friend has to go through blood test and ultrasound to check the level of hormones. If she is older, essential medicines and injections will be provided to balance the hormone level. At that time, be a constant mental support of her to make her feel confident in herself. You should relax and no need to stress out.

IVF Gangaram is very expensive and there is no insurance coverage usually. If a couple decides to go through IVF, they have to meet financial requirement of IVF procedure. At that period, be with her to make a right decision.

After all the tests, sperm and eggs will be surgically collected which is not painful. The collected sperm and eggs will be kept in the laboratory under favorable conditions.3-5 days later, it will be inserted in her womb. Although the procedure of IVF is painless, it is exhausting and long. After two weeks, if a blood test shows that she is not pregnant, she has to go through the entire process all over again. During that period, it will be easy for your friend to lose hopes and positivity. She may think of giving up. To be there for her, do all possible things that can keep her strong, keep her away from all negative vibes and very importantly, do not make her feel the “infertile friend”. During this hectic and numbing procedure of IVF, just let her know that she is not alone.

Infertility is an isolating experience. When you find your friend being stressful and isolated, instead of being judgmental, stay connected with her.Hang out at her home and has a joyful meal together. It will make her feel so much less alone.

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In our modern society, infertility is still a controversial topic ignoring the fact that 1 out of 8 people needs our moral support to build their family. Therefore rather than making it a topic of gossip lets help them to resolve their problem.

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