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IS IVF SAFE – Breaking the stigma and insecurities associated with In Vitro Fertilization

is ivf safeIn vitro fertilization (IVF) has helped a large number of people become parents. IVF is a type of assisted reproductive technology where the egg and sperm are fertilized outside the body in a petri dish and incubated till they are developed enough to be placed in the uterus. This breakthrough of causing fertilization in a lab, revolutionized the treatment for infertility. Millions of babies are born all over the world from IVF. This innovation came as a boon for parents grappling with fertility issues.

Couple who decide to opt for IVF are harried by innumerable questions and insecurities. The first thing that comes to mind is whether the child born would be healthy as in a normal birth? Will the baby suffer from cognitive developmental issue? Even if the baby is healthy, will it develop any health issues later in life?  And what about the mother? Is this a natural process of conception?

In this article we shall address most of these uncertainties:

  • IVF is a 4 step process and each step is methodically monitored to ensure best possible results. It begins with:

Step 1 – Ovulation Induction:

Medication stimulates the formation of multiple eggs in the ovaries. Specialists monitor the ovaries by ultrasound and ensure that your ovaries are optimally stimulated.

Step 2 – Egg retrieval:

Performed in a surgical set-up, this process involves intravenous anesthesia to control pain and egg collection through transvaginal ultrasound. After retrieval, eggs are placed in a culture dish and set for incubation.

Step 3 – Fertilization:

The embryologists choose the best sperms and introduce them to the eggs. Standard insemination occurs when the sperm can reach and fertilize the egg. If not, it is directly injected into the egg (ICSI)

Step 4 – Transfer:

Embryologists monitor the fertilization process and the development of embryos. Subsequently, they select the most active and developed embryos. These are then introduced into the uterus by a simple, short method transvaginally.

C section or normal, the child born can be as normal as in the case of natural pregnancy.

  • IVF specialists use sophisticated and advanced techniques of identifying the most vigorous embryos for transfer, this ensures that the further development should be healthy in normal conditions
  • IVF could lead to multiple pregnancies. In such cases, the chances of one of the foetus developing prematurely are possible. But single embryo transfer has reduced the incidence of multiple pregnancies in recent times without affecting your chances of a live birth per started cycle.
  • IVF babies are not aliens. They are as normal and as safeguarded as babies born out of natural pregnancy.
  • IVF has been used by couples worldwide for a long time and mostly has a safe track record.
  • Of all the other form of assisted reproductive technology, IVF is the most successful one.
  • When a couple faces infertility, the exact problem has to be identified. In many cases the problem might be only inability of the uterus to bring about a healthy fertilization of the egg. In the case of IVF this is done outside in the most optimum environment and under constant observation.
  • Another advantage of IVF is that it helps in screening of genetic disorder. In case any disorder exists in the lineage of either parents such as cystic fibrosis or muscular dystrophy, doctor would recommend IVF along with Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD).

This is the most effective way to ensure that the conceived child will not carry the disorder. Pre- Implantation genetic screening (PGS) improves the chances of a successful pregnancy. The embryos are critically screened for chromosomal disorders. Dedicated hospitals like IVF Gangaram in Delhi are well-equipped with the expertise and infrastructure for these techniques. Moreover, the doctors and specialists are quite approachable and give the much needed comfort and assurance to their patients.

Another myth is that IVF Treatment Center in Delhi is extremely expensive. With the advancement in tech and availability of specialists, IVF has now become affordable and convenient.

Couples, who face infertility or issues in child birth, go through a period of unhappiness and despair. IVF brings hope and helps them avail the joy of parenthood.


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